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Due Diligence for the Financial Professional, by L. Burke Files

“In the more than 25 years that I have been performing, researching and developing due diligence and fraud prevention, I have reviewed probably every book on the topic, and none are in the same class as “Due Diligence for the Financial Professional” by L. Burke Files. Mr. Files has studied the problems of fraud from the real-world perspective,  in case after case investigating problems for his clients in the US, Eastern Europe, Central and South America and China since 1991. If there is one thing misleading it is the title, because the book is not just limited to the financial side of due diligence, but covers intellectual property, asset recovery, mergers and acquisitions and much more. The chapter entitled “The Impact of the Future and What We Should Watch” is especially interesting, and he also has an excellent appendix with the best and clearest set of financial equations. Mr. Files goes way beyond the typical checklists that everybody thinks is due diligence. Perhaps it is because he has far more diverse experience in multiple industries than the typical investigator. Perhaps it is because he approaches the topic more as a generalist than a specialist. Authoritative, informative, easy to read, with wonderfully entertaining stories and thought-provoking quotes, this is a due diligence book you must have in your library.” Book Review, by Charles F. Bacon, published in Due Diligence Digest, December 2010

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The Association’s newsletter, Due Diligence Digest©, features Association news, activities of Association Members and Chapters, interesting articles and information about the industry and discipline of due diligence, and other features of interest to Association members. Due Diligence Digest is distributed ten times per year.

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